Matilde G

Singer Songwriter

Matilde G, the Italian singer, songwriter and performer who is based in Singapore, pushes the boundaries of pop with her music and vocals. With the passion for singing and song-writing running through her veins from a very young age, Matilde G brings passionate lyrics and sparkling melodies that truly highlight her soul-shattering vocals that have the power to provoke a profound response amongst her listeners. 

Inspired by Female Pop icons including Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga, Matilde G is not one to shy away from showing her talents and creativity when it comes to shattering music charts and bringing a young and fresh energy into the Pop music scene not just in her music, but also in her attitude to put the ‘Matilde G’ flavour on the genre. 

She released  11 songs in the last 3 years, which reached over 5 million streams on Spotify and her music video"Digging for Diamonds" hit 2 million views on YouTube. Although she's only 17 years old, she has gained hundreds of thousands of followers on her verified social media. 

She is signed by The Kennel AB, a Sweden music label and production company that has produced more than 100 #1 hits for global artists and is published by UMG.

Digging for Diamonds



Doorbell Joytide&Maarlind Remix